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I woke up at 4:30 to finish my Spanish project, and then I caught the bus and went to school. We talked about the effects of advertisement in psychology class, and we started learning a new song for the Christmas concert in chorus. In Spanish we had a quiz about the preterite and the imperfect, and my friend squished my sister's cereal during lunch. We had a quiz on horizontal projectile motion in physics. Then I went home, checked my email, ate cereal, and went to dance class. I need new pointe shoes; mine are too old and soft. Then I went home and ate chicken pot pie and checked my email again and called my friend to make plans for Halloween tomorrow. And now I'm about to outline a chapter about the Jeffersonian era for history class. And that was my day.
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I woke up with about -10 minutes to get ready. I somehow managed to throw on the disgusting uniform my school requires (kilt... ugh) and myself look vaguely presentable, meaning I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and pulled my hair back into some semblance of a ponytail. Seriously considered chopping off ponytail and shaving my head, but realzied that wouldn't be within dress code. Had an oh-so-healthy breakfast of half a bagel with strawberry cream cheese on the 20 minutes car ride to school.

Upon arriving at school, I shoved my books into my locker and grabbed the stuff I needed for first period (College Writing, by the by) and sat in homeroom for a rather pointless 15 minutes. Proceeded en masse with the rest of my class (all 13 of us) to morning announcements, where I pretended to sing along to some religious hymn thingy. Sr. Jo-Jo (one of our kinder nicknames for the old bat) played the piano with her usual skill (or lack thereof). Ignored most of the announcements and was irritated by the Head of Schools disgustingly sacchrine speech about optomism and respecting the school.

First class was a blur, followed by a free period in the Junior Lounge, during which I napped. Nap ended with being dragged to Spanish class, during which we re-established that none of us (a class of 3) understood the reading, a except from a story from Jorges Borges (or something like that). Decided the story was the result of drugs. Spanish teacher did not like this opinion. We then ranted about the administration and its latest crusade- proper buttons on vests. After successfully distracting Señor for about 15 minutes, we were released to go to Guidance class, in which we learned how to read a college catalogue. Stayed in the same room for AP Psych, during which we went over our latest chapter test. Through our amazing abilities of persuasion, we were able to convince the teacher to omit two questions because no one (in a class of 3) got it right and it was worded in a weird way. Thanks to this, my Chapter 3 test grade is now 100%.

Having finally reached the lunch period, I ran downstairs to the dining room to grab napkins and a spoon. Proceeded to wolf down my apple sauce, peanut butter sandwich, and tortilla chips with salsa con queso, while waiting for Chinese class to begin. Having a lunch class is somewhat irritating, even though I do dearly love Chinese. We went over homework, which took most of the class period. We then reviewed what we had learned and went over the new words. She then released us to our next class, which I rather dreaded. Chemistry II Honors Lab.

I'm rather frightened of the Chem teacher. And in a class of 2, it's not easy to disappear. Luckily, the lab went fairly well (i.e. no major explosions, chemical burns, etc). This class was a double period (80 minutes), to enable us to do our lab work.

I reached the last class of the day feeling very glad that the day was over and that I could end the day on a positive note with one of my favorite classes, World History II. Unfortuantely, the teacher (who is, by the way, the best history teacher in the world) was not there- she left us an assignment to read and worksheets. We worked together, most people asking me for help. One of my friends had me check her work. I felt astoundingly gratified that I could help my class and show off my nerdiness. Because I am a nerd and Elizabeth I (Tudor) is my girl.

My mother is a teacher- given that teachers are usually not paid a decent salary, especially not at a private all-girls Catholic school, she has a secondary job to help with money. Her job, watching the little monsters (children) for After Care, is also at school. Ergo, as a teacher's daughter who STILL does not have her license, I was stuck at the school until 5:30. I spent most of the time walking around campus listening to my head phones, making a coffee-run to the Coffee Shop for Mom, lest she die from lack of coffee. I also got her a biscotti and myself a pepperoni roll (such a nutritious dinner). I ate my pepperoni roll while reading The Archer's Tale , by Bernard Cornwell, for the sixth time. I then took a nap for about half an hour, before being woken up with the joyous news that we could FINALLY leave.

The ride home was extremely uneventful- I read and listened to music on my MP3 player. Upon arriving home, I collected everyone's uniform and started a load of laundry. Folded towels and washed darks (skirts, knee socks, etc) and ate dinner (grilled cheese and broccoli). I then took a shower, followed by a half-assed attempt to finish my College Writing homework (I still don't understand the MLA format for citing online sources...).

And so, from this incrediably boring day, I attempt to create a vaguely interesting entry. I had actually forgotten that today was the day for entries on this community- it was not until I checked my friends' page that I found out. And so, here I sit, a towel still wrapped around my damp hair, writing an account of my day. Because history was the present.
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Because history of history some jack a** invinted the alarm clock which woke me up today at 7am to go to my Goverment Class. And, because of history and the invintion of the intraweb I checked LJ and stuff. And because of history and the invention of Romance Languages I got to study Italian and Spanish. And because of history and the invention of the car I am about to go to the store and pick up some food. Because of history and the invention of the stop light I am sure it will take a while to get to Kroger and back. And, because of history I sit here posting to "because of history" and procratanate studying.